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Amaprecision manufacturing technology (wuxi) co., Limited is a leading supplier of screw locking machine. Apart from locking machine, we also offer non-standard custom equipments, wire-stripping machine, round seizing machine, pipe cutting machine, various wire equipments, UV dispensing equipments, various conveying equipments and more. Visit the “Products” tab to know more about our products.

The screw locking machine is safe and easy to use. If you work in an electronic industrial field then, you can link proper screws on a particular hole through this machine. The screw locking mechanism is comfortable and adjustable to place. All automatic screw locking machines offer accuracy for locking screws.

In China and around the world, a screw locking device is in high demand. The machine is used by several auto mechanics in various industries. While in electronic workshops a majority of workers use this equipment for fixing and access their electronic products. Anyone can purchase and use this machine for any relevant industrial work.

Quality is our life while service is our soul. Management of product quality is crucial for us. We strictly comply with the standards of the double soft enterprise. We have all types of processing devices, and we can quickly respond as per customer requirements. We guarantee the client’s after-sales and pre-sales service.

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We are continuously building up the spirit, dedication, and harmony and win-win management philosophy to improve industry competitiveness. We are building up the new automatic manufacturing plants through science and technology.

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We are a leading professional screw locking machine manufacturer with over a decade of experience with massive factory management. We always work with the utmost confidence and passion and striding forward with customers to reap mutual benefits and make a bright future in automatic assemble field. We believe in the concept:  Quality first, all for clients, continuous innovation, guide by market, and persist in all operation, utility and convenience along with a reasonable price.

We believe in customer-oriented businesses that flourish in an effective manner. Hence, our main goal remains to provide utmost satisfaction to our customers through our surreal efforts.


“Features of blowing and suction type automatic screw locking machine:
1. High precision of motion platform.
2, the screwdriver pendant design has the guide screwdriver head high-speed rotation unbiased.
3, strong vacuum adsorption, vacuum degree detection, suction is not enough without action.
4. Screws can be sucked vertically into the sleeve.
5. Can lock every screw accurately.
Application Industry:Home appliances, automotive electronics, instruments, toys, power supplies, mobile phones, LED, tablet computers, computer keyboards, etc”