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Amaprecision manufacturing technology (wuxi) co., Limited is a leading manufacturer of soldering machines. Apart from soldering equipment, we also offer non-standard custom equipments, wire-stripping machine, pipe cutting machine, round seizing machine, various wire equipments, various conveying equipments, UV dispensing equipments, and more. Visit the “Products” tab to know more about our products.

Soldering machines are used in nearly all imaginable sectors. Depending upon the nature of specifications and work, there is an increasingly growing demand for personalized products. At Amaprecision manufacturing technology, we are offering a range of products in customized and standard specifications.

Loaded with the advanced infrastructural unit, we have been satisfying the wants and requirements of our customers. We have classified our entire unit into different departments such as logistics, sales, and warehousing. Our machines are taken care of by our skilled experts time to time to assure their hassle-free working life. Further, our departments are conducted by highly skilled professionals of respective domains.

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Our main aim is to give our customers with machines that are tailor-made to match their needs and business landscapes. We are also a global soldering machines provider that caters to extensive manufacturing dimensions on a united online platform. We emphasize on quality. Therefore, we acquire the expertise of expert workers to progress at a rapid pace.

We target and focus on investing in our skills within each product including soldering machines. We ensure high-quality and maximum client utility. We aim to offer maximum value for money to our customers in terms of delivery, cost, transformation, and quality.

We always strive to maintain a balance between time and quality. We give individual attention to our clients, listen to what they need, deliver work before within due date, and make sure quality standards are maintained throughout the manufacturing phase.

Automatic soldering machines ease the work pressure up to a considerable extent and on the end product. Using automatic soldering equipment, better results can be obtained in a considerably smaller time. The cost charged vary depending upon the service provider that you have obtained.


“The simply programming mode of the tube can directly input the coordinates of the welding spot, and it can be taught to reproduce the coordinates of the welding spot. By simple operation of the teaching box, the moving end can be guided to the position of the safepoint.
Multi-axis linkage manipulator, all the use of precision stepping motor drive and advanced motion control algorithm, effectively improve the positioning accuracy and repeatability of the soldering tip.”