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Amaprecision manufacturing technology (wuxi) co., Limited is a leading supplier of UV dispensing equipments in China. Right from our inception, we operate our company on a “we,” not “me” mantra. We want each employee to feel essential and we want everyone to celebrate the successes of the company.
Apart from UV dispensing, we offer full automatic soldering machine, automatic screw locking machine, automatic dispensing machine, and wire stripping machine, terminal crimping machine, pipe cutting machine and more. Visit the “Products” tab to know more about us.
UV dispensing equipments are designed for the auto-dispensing of materials. The equipment is suitable for a range of applications, such as bonding, form in place gaskets, medical device assembly, temporary masking and more.

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Amaprecision’s number one aim is continual improvement in each part of our corporate operations. Whether it’s automated inventory, packaging, service, warehousing, or delivery solutions, we strive for client satisfaction through continual improvement in shipping our fast and friendly products.
At Amapresicion, our employees are virtual owners. From the warehouse to the office corner, each employee owns a stake in the company success. Also, each employee reaps the benefits of that success. We have a firm belief that employees have a vested interest in our success.
We strive for them to exceed customer expectations. Since we have 100% belief in our employees, each employee, in return, remains focused on giving greater value for every customer via quality service during, before, and after a sale.
Our corporate philosophy is simple: “Fast and friendly service.” When you order UV dispensing equipments from us, you know your ordered item will arrive on-time and safely. Whether across China or the globe, we ship to every client with the same attention and care to detail. Have an urgency? No problem! Our representatives are authorized to get your equipment to you as quickly as possible.
Apart from employees, we believe in being customer-oriented as with this approach, we can flourish effectively. Therefore, our main aim remains to provide extreme satisfaction to our customers through our products with uncanny efforts.


“With the single programming mode, the coordinates can be directly input, and the position coordinates of the solder joint can be reproduced by teaching. With simple operation of the teaching box, the end of the motion can be guided to the point glue position.
Multi-axis linkage manipulator, all using precision stepping motor drive and advanced motion control algorithm, effectively improve the positioning accuracy and repetition of the end of the motion.
Flexible and diverse light field, all process parameters can be set by the user, to adapt to a variety of difficult operations and microdispensing process.”